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How to use and download files with IDM 2017

On the main screen you can see a list of files you have downloaded previously. This list includes the size of the files, download description, download status, possible completion time, etc. Additional information is also available. You can change the order by clicking on the column header.


Control buttons such as "Add URL, Continue, Stop, Delete Full, Options, Schedule" are available on the file list. These buttons are clickable or non-clickable depending on the status of the file you are downloading.

By clicking on the "Suggest" button you can easily suggest the Internet Download Manager program to your friend.

You can start a new download by clicking the "Add Url" button. You can enter a new file address in the pop-up screen, or you can reselect an address you have used before. If you want to download username and password, you can define your login information for that site by ticking the "Use authorization" box.

If the address form has been passed, you will be prompted to "save as", in which case you can enter a comment / note for the file you want to download and choose where to save the file. If you want to cancel the download, just click the "cancel" button.

If downloading supports the server resume feature in this case, you can pause the downloading at any time using the "pause" / "continue" buttons and resume from where you left off at any time.

There are different options for starting downloads with Internet Download Manager;

1. Launching the  link by clicking on the link : The IDM program works in concert with all popular browsers, so when you click on any link, the IDM's download window will automatically come up. You can edit the extensions you do not want to be automatically downloaded from the Options -> General tab of the main screen of the program.

 If you click the download button now, the IDM program will start downloading the file immediately.  If you  click on the download button later, IDM will add the file to the list of downloads that you can start downloading later.

If any link is clicked while holding down the CTRL  key, the IDM program will take over the download for all links.

 If you click on any link by holding down the ALT key, the IDM program will not switch on.

If you do not want IDM to inherit any downloads, you need to remove the relevant browser integration from the Options -> General section of the program. So when you click on any link, the IDM program will not switch on.

2- IDM automatically detects the current URLs added to the clipboard: If  any file address is copied to the clipboard, IDM automatically detects this and removes the following window;

If you click the OK button, IDM will start downloading this file automatically.

3- IDM supports right-click download:  When you right-click any link in your browser, you can see "Download with IDM", if you click this option, IDM will start downloading the file.

4. You can add links manually using the Add URL button: You  can start downloading the link manually by clicking the Add Url button in  the top left corner of the IDM program  .

5- Drag and drop to add to the download basket:  You can start downloading by clicking on the desired link and dragging and dropping it to the IDM downloading basket.

6- Launching downloads using the command line: With  this feature, you can start downloads using the command line.

idman / s
or  idman / d URL [/ p local_path] [/ f local_file_name] [/ q]


/ d URL - to download the file, for example;

IDMan.exe / d ""

/ s - add to scheduler and download queues

/ p local_file_path - specifies the local file path to which the file will be saved

/ f location_file - identify the local file name to register

/ q - IDM will exit after a successful download. This parameter only works for the first copy.

/ h - IDM disconnects at the end of a successful download.

/ n - IDM goes into silent mode if it does not ask any questions.

/ a - Adds the file specified by the / d parameter to the download list, but does not start downloading immediately.

/ a, / h, / n, / q, / f  local_file_name,   / p  local_file_name only works for files specified by the / d parameter.

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