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What Was I Thinking?

What’s Next? What Was I Thinking?

The planning is over. Next up action items. Oh dear. Practice is over.

Moe Benatar was conceived with the idea of capturing an image of a person or pet with a 3D scanner. The images would then be printed with a 3D printer and bronzed at a foundry. The appeal to customers was capturing a memory for preservation. Photos are often mislaid and hard to find. A bronze would be hard to misplace. What grandparent wouldn’t want a bronze of their newborn grandchild or one participating in a sport?

The models can also be printed in color ceramic. Wouldn’t a wedding cake be perfect topped with a replica of the bride and groom, dressed in their favorite outfits?

While these concepts have potential, I learned people purchase items they think they need. I had a product no one knew they needed. A vital marketing strategy leading to sales was lacking.

Brainstorms are like Winter Storms – no one appreciates them!!!!!

It was easy when I had to define a marketing strategy to wander from the original ideas, into other brainstorms. It is a lot more fun to talk new ideas than implementing a well thought-out business plan. The business plan framework I had started in the SDTBC program suggested how to proceed.

One new product I did add was using a digital photograph to produce a relief that could be printed on a 3D printer. The relief could be printed in a one-color ceramic or bronzed. The attraction of the photo to relief product was no scanning, and ease for the customer to upload a digital photo and have a model printed.

2 B or Not to B

The marketing strategy required a decision – was the target audience consumer (B2C) or businesses (B2B). Each would require different methods to reach customers. The photo product lent itself to both targets. A research analyst from the Enterprise Institute helped formulate a B2B approach – pricing, determining terms and conditions, finding potential businesses and planning approaches. Working on several proposals for businesses now.

For a B2C plan, I engaged a local direct marketing and education firm, 9 Clouds. With their help, I redesigned the FiontarNua.Com website, set up ETSY shop, added a Facebook page and started this blog. The intent is to generate consumer interests and leads.


With the marketing in place, Moe Benatar is ready to start counting sales. Speaking of counting, I was downhill skiing recently, and begin tallying the number of runs in a day. A good day is when the run total is the two numbers of my age added together!!! I think it is odd how easy counting ski runs is, and how difficult counting to the walleye limit can be.

So the hard work begins…….