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Game Scenario; Capture The Flag


The game that started everything!

Teams: Two teams.

1. Two flag stations necessary.
2. Two even teams required.
3. Two flags, hung in their respective flag stations, necessary.

Time Limit: 30 Minutes.

1. All players should begin the game at their flag station (or assigned starting point) and should not leave that location until the game begins.
2. Players that are hit are out of the game.
3. If a player is eliminated although he is carrying the flag, he must drop the flag where he was hit, or hang it around the nearest obtainable object. (Not an additional player).
4. Players that are eliminated may well not, by word or gesture, indicate any intentions or locations of the opposing associates.
5. When a player is carrying the flag, it need to remain visible constantly and must be carried within the hand, on the arm or around the neck.

Capture the opposing team's flag and return it for your base.


All players must come with their paintball markers and gear that comply with our rules. If we caught players with paintball guns more than 280 fps we have the right to eliminate the team from the tournament. So its your duty to come with the stuff that we mentioned couple of times in our previous posts. Further you can have a look to this website if you want to buy some related paintball guns that we mentioned.

Tactical Benefit:
The fundamental thought is always to capture the flag. If you're able to steer clear of mixing it using the other team, do so. Also, should you capture the flag, leave a couple of your players behind to slow down the opposition in case they're on their way back together with your flag.

You don't have to leave half of your team to defend your flag. Only several folks are required since the thought isn't to stop the opposition from getting your flag, the idea is always to slow them down and buy time for the attackers. Besides, the greater attackers you have the better it will be for you personally when you reach the opposition's flag station.

The attackers should also be in a sizable group, in the event you break into little groups and you do come across the opposition, you're likely to get nuked. There's safety in numbers.