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Windows 10 WiFi Sense – Threat You Are Unaware Of

With the launch of Windows 10, it has grabbed millions of users from all over the world now.

Windows 10 has been performing great since the first day of its launch and there are many new and unique amazing features which have been introduced for the very first time ever in any Windows and the users are very much happy with these features.

Sadly, there are also some features which are alarming and you can be in loss with the use of those features. Don’t worry because its human error, nobody is perfect so there are some things which don’t prove to be as good as assumed.

So, if you are using Windows 10 you must be aware of Windows 10 Wi Fi Sense Feature. 

Lets go a bit deep into it.

What Is WiFi Sense In Windows 10?

WiFi sense is a brilliant feature that lets your friends or other users connect to your Personal Computer or Laptop anytime wherever you want.

But the disadvantage it, It don’t ask for any password while connecting.

Yup, with this feature enabled anyone in range of your WiFi can connect to it without any password or any notification to you.

So, I am sure now you get it why this feature is a disadvantage because you won’t know who is connecting to your WiFi and your Bandwidth will be continue consuming. Someone will be enjoying free Internet and your expenses will be increasing.

So, this must be terminated. How? Read below.


How To Disable WiFi Sense In Windows 10?

Disabling this silly feature of Windows 10 is quite easy. Just follow the below steps carefully:

  1. Go to Windows Settings.
  2. Than Network & Internet.
  3. Than click Change WiFi Settings >> Manage WiFi Settings.
  4. From there you can change various settings with various features, just turn it Off with the option and you are safe now.

Signing Off!!

I hope you like it. Actually, this is a nice feature though but it doesn’t ask for any permission which makes it security less and dangerous.

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